How to earn money online from home ?

       Now a day’s usage of Internet is increasing like a virus. Different people use it for different purposes but the good thing for you is other than playing games, using Facebook you can make very good income by working Online. If you can spend some of your time to work online you can earn big money from your home without investing anything.
Today I will tell you about all possible and legit ways to earn online money. I will tell each and every step clearly to make you earn online. What all you to do is just bear with me for next 20 minutes and i am sure after that you will start earning. Don’t forget ask your doubts (ask in comments) and please like and share this tutorial .So let’s start here. Before Making money in Internet always follow this one and only rule to earn more rupees. First Learn Then Remove ‘L’ Earn.

       The fact is many people think earning money in internet is not possible and it is scam. Really those people are big fools because more than 1 million people are living by making money with only internet. You can also make online money if you really interested and dedicated. There are more than 1000 ways to make money online but you have to pick the best, easy and trusted ways and legit websites to make money. That is PTC websites, Follow the below best websites and good ways to earn money online from home for free.

What is PTC website ?

    Paid-to-click or simply PTC websites, ptc sites are middlemen between advertisers and its members. The advertisers pay to ptc site for displying their ads on ptc websites and ptc sites are pay its members for click and view those ads.
Internet is a gold mine if you know how to dig. Did you know that you can make money online without any investment just by viewing ads? There are PTC sites where you can click on ads and get paid for it. These Paid To Click sites provide an easy way to earn money from home.

How to earn money from PTC sites ?

          Ptc sites are actually work as middlemen between advertisers and its users. The advertisers pay for displaying their ads on the PTC sites and the payment in turn goes to you when you view the ads. Of course the users get paid less than the advertisers pay and the remaining money becomes the PTC site’s profit. It’s a win-win for all. So, first of all you will have need to register on ptc sites, after completing joining process go to ptc website and log in to your ptc account, then click on the ‘View advertisement tab’, you will seen there are many ads available to view, so click on those ads one by one. But remember you will click on one ad at time. So, you will click on ad the ad will open in new window for desire time. The duration of each add generally ranges from 5 to 40 seconds. You must view each ad for a minimum length of time to get the credit. So, the timer will end then close that window and click on next ad to view. The method of viewing ads is near about same of all ptc sites.
View ads is basic earning part of ptc site. There are many ways to earn big money from ptc. Just like play games, take surveys, complete task, paid signup, do mini jobs and most important way to multiply your earning is referrals. More referrals will have your downline, more money you will earn.

What are referrals ( downline ) ?

        Referrals are those persons who join to PTC sites using your referral links. Referral link is provides by ptc sites after completing of joining process and it will shown in your ptc account in promoting tool or banners section. For every AD they click, you will get a commission and it will vary from 10% to almost 50% (Read TOS of different Sites). So, more people will join in your downline, you can earn more.



       An earning example chart is given below with 100 referrals/peoples under your downline….but practically all of them won’t be active. Active referrals means are those referrals who log in to their account and view ads daily. So, consider 50 active referrals.
Your clicks earning = 5 ads x $0.01 = $0.05/ per day.
Your referrals click earning = 50 refls. x 5 ads x $0.005 = $1.25/ per day.
Your total earning per day from one ptc site = $0.05 + $1.25 = $1.30/ per day.
Your monthly earning from one ptc site = $1.30 per day x 30 days with just 50 active referrals = $39 USD.

Its just from one ptc site and there are many ptc sites available to join. If you join just 10 best paying ptc site,

your potential earning is = 10 ptc x $39 = $390/month.

Guess you will have 100 or 500 + active referrals so, how much money you can earn from them.

      The strategy of how to get 10 to 30 + referrals daily without talking with peoples and how to increase your earning day per day, I will give you after joining of all given ptc sites. Please post your email ID and user name on comments to receive strategy. But this strategy I will give after check out of your joining. So, join today and start earning.


• A personal computer (or) Laptop. Do not share you PC with other ptc members, it means the all ptc sites allow to open one account on ptc site from one PC. DO not open more than 1 account of one ptc on same computer, you will do this your account will close/banne. So, do not cheat, To earn more join many ptc sites the using of same computer, but always remember one account of same ptc on same computer.

• Speed Internet Connection.

• A gmail ID.

  * A payment processor account from paypal or payza .

These are online banks or money transaction sites which helps you receive payment using the internet. Don’t worry, they are absolutely safe and are used by thousands of people all over the world. I recommend Paypal because I use it. To open paypal account go to and for payza then complete signup process. No any cost or fee require to open account on both its free of cost.

• A bank account to transfer your earning into bank. Use a 0 balance     account to increase your trust on ptc site.


» Join all sites listed below using same email ID and user name.
» Use different passwords for all PTC sites.
» Do not invest at the beginning itself, join as a Free member and work for sometime. Get your first pay and invest the same to upgrade, Earn even more.


STPE 1: Create a GMAIL ACCOUNT or use existing gmail id for registering all PTC sites.

STEP 2: Create your free PAYPAL ACCOUNT for withdrawing your earned money from PTC sites.

STEP 3: Register all PTC sites here. Complete the registration form and you may require to verify your email account. Click the confirmation link in email and login to your account. Now “View Ads” for desired seconds and get paid.

All ptc sites are listed below are trusted, paying and free to join. To join click on the banner and signup today !!!


    ClixSense is a PTC site that allows its users to earn money from their computer by completing various tasks. Just like view ads, take survey, compelt task, play games and refer others. ClixSense offers 8 levels of downline to earn from! Simple math will show you that referring 2 people who refer 2 people, etc… 8 times would give you a downline of over 500 people!

Ads per day = 10 + ads / day.

Rate of per click = $0.001 upto $0.01.

Minimum payout = $8 USD ( you can withdraw your earning when you will earn minimum $8 + USD. ).

Referrals limit = unlimited referrals.



      Neobux is the world’s largest and probably the best known PTC site out there. Thousands of people join everyday, and millions of dollars have been paid by the company already. If you are not a Neobux user, joining is FREE and you can earn money !

Ads per day =  15 + ads/ day

Rate of per click = $0. 001 upto $0.01.

Minimum payout = $2 USD

Referrals limit = Its depend on your membership.




      PaidVerts is new program which can be classified as being an awesome hybrid between a Paid-To-Click and a Revenue Share program. It was launched on March 31, 2014 by Jo Cook. He is also the proud owner of MyTrafficValue. Before starting out you must have to register an account at Paidverts. After Registration Log in your account and go to ‘Members Home Page’. Click activation ads and view all 8 activation ads. Each activation ad will give you 50 BAPs. You can get 8 activation ads daily in your account. Try to click all the ads every day. It will help you to earn much Money.BAPs which is also known as Bonous Ad Points. BAP is a type of Paidverts currency which will help you to gain Paid ads. On the first day at paidverts you will only earn BAP not real cash. There is not so much difference between BAPs and Real cash. Each BAP is equal to $0.0005. You can only use BAPs to play casino games and can win some extra BAPs. You can’t use them for other purpose also you can not convert them to Money. But don’t worry, I have told you that Paidverts consists a very unique script. Your BAPs will be used by Paidverts to deliver you paid ads. For example, Today you have 1700 BAPs. Tomorrow when you log in your account you got a $0.10 ad. Then, you will see 200 BAPs has already been deducted from your account ($0.0005*200=$0.10). So, BAPs is the key to success in Paidverts. The more you accumulate – the Higher your earnings will be. Paidverts will deduct your BAPs and give you Paid ads each and everyday.

       At Paidverts everyday you can see two type of ads. Activation ads and Paid ads. Activation ads will give you BAPs and Paid ads will give you Real cash. You will recieve paid ads but don’t forget to click activation ads everyday.

Ads per day = 20 + ads/per day.

Rate of per click = $0.0005 upto $1 USD ( rate depend on bonus ad point )

Minimum payout = $2 USD

Referrals limit = unlimited referrals.



    Twickerz is an aslo best ptc site here to earn money, Because there are also maney ways to earn.  To, earn money click on above banner and register with twickerz. Then login your account go to the earn money area and start earning.

Ads per day = 15+ ads/day

Rate of per click = $0.001 upto $0.01

Minimum payout = $1.55 USD

Referrals limit = unlimited referrals.



This is also good site to earn money. Join Now !!!

Ads per day = 10 + ads/day

Rate per click = Rupee 0.10 upto Rupee 0.40

Minimum payout = Rupee 300/-

Referrals limit = unlimited referrals.



AyuWage Services - Get Paid to Visits Sites and Complete Surveys

To view ads login to your account and go to the start earning area.

Ads  per day = 5+ low value ads, 5+ high value ads/day

Rate of click = For low value ads = $0.001, For high value ads = $0.005

Minimum payout = $5 USD.

Referrals limit = unlimited referrals.



Join clixten now ! There are many ads wait for you.

Ads per day = 30+ ads/day

Rate per click = $0.0001 upto $0.001

Minimum payout = $2 USD.

Referrals limit = Its depend on account membership.



Join today on cashtravel !

 Ads per day = 22+ ads/day

Rate per click = $0.0001 upto $0.001

Minimum payout = $0.05.

Referrals limit = Unlimited referrals.